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Revelation Online is a breathtaking MMO where you embark on amazing adventures, explore numerous PVP modes, enjoy multiple unique classes, and embolden yourself through countless character creation options. The first English Closed Beta is scheduled to begin in October.

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    • Just Some Guy Aeria has shut down plenty of games. Also a while back they even had a game switch publisher, with no prior notice. One day Aeria is hosting it, cash shop is open, etc, then the next day people find out Aeria isn't hosting it any more, as they gave the rights to another company, and people had to make changes. It wasn't some legal ruling, so they would have known it was coming, Aeria just doesn't care about their players beyond their money. If they told people it was comin...(comment on Bless Online 10 Tips For New Players)

      2017-04-30 01:37:10 #BLESS

    • digital fantasies The Ultimate Sub - The Ultimate Subhttp://www.mediafire.com/file/77s587xd1qv8u2k/The_Ultimate_Sub_Demo.zip Poor sweet and innocent Aniko starts college and gets educated in more than books. You will take her on a journey into exploring her budding relationship with her secret crush Vlad, and choose which path you will follow. Will she remain naive and untried or will you allow Vlad to show her the delights and the depravities of his hidden BDSM lifestyle?

      2017-04-30 01:27:34 #Adult Lounge

    • AlanjCheng Said They Were Online Between - Joshua vs Klitschko Live Stream

      2017-04-29 20:59:09 #Revelation

    • Oaiosilon Fyre Festival in the Bahamas - Joshua vs Klitschko Live Stream

      2017-04-29 19:02:02 #Revelation

    • honubinet BRAKING NEWS: my buddy's sister makes $70 /hour on the computer . She has been out of a job for 8 months but last month her paycheck was $14224 just working on the computer for a few hours. check my source_+_+http://www.jobpro22.com (comment on Dark and Light is coming!)

      2017-04-29 09:46:49 #Dark and Light

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