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Revelation is an upcoming MMORPG from Chinese studio NetEase which is in final closed beta in China. The game mixes the visual style and some gameplay features of Blade and Soul and Aion. You can not only create your gorgeous character in the game but also enjoy the aeria combat with beautiful wings!

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Gamers' Voices

  • Zanpakutou Iron Man is a little different from most other heroes. He is one of the few that you can consistently spam abilities as long as you have suit power (his form of spirit/resource). He is best played as range due to the sheer number of ranged skills he has. His missiles basically auto target so you basically have to remember to keep spamming them whenever the skills are up. He does not have the impressive damage spikes that other characters have, but he has consistent damage....(comment on Marvel Heroes: Iron Man review/free Avengers Weekend try them all out)

    2015-04-26 19:06:12 #Marvel Heroes

  • arimicci Ho well, still a couple months to decide, but I usually end up with a female character. I'm the only one who like stare at female backs than male ones ;)(comment on Blade and Soul CH Beta: Pure Soul Ep.33 "Which gender will you be if the game goes live?" )

    2015-04-26 15:37:24 #Blade and Soul

  • Mimiron Hearthstone: Blackwing Lair Open! - After having bested Victor's Nefarius' lieutenants in the Blackrock Spire, now's the time to take the fight into his stronghold. A decisive showdown between you and Lord of Blackrock seems inevitable. It will take all your wits to come out on top when you infiltrate the fourth wing of Blackrock Mountain: Blackwing Lair. Blackwing Lair is open for The Americas, China regions. Razorgore Watching eggs is a full-time responsibility. It doesn’t leave poor Razorgore much time to do impor...

    2015-04-26 09:11:31 #Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

  • Mimiron WoW: Patch 6.2 Be Ahead of the Curve! - With Patch 6.2 being tested as we speak, guides about the newest encounters in the upcoming raid began to emerge. While bosses are being tested on different difficulties and fine-tuned, we can have a look at three bosses in the Hellfire Citadel Raid. Please note that these guides do not involve killing the boss, but there are explanations of their abilities and different phases, new guides will be compiled in the final version of the raid, once 6.2 goes live. These videos still provid...

    2015-04-26 08:56:14 #World of Warcraft

  • xed02 This game is good, but I love more open world games like Tera, I dont have any problems with Tera style is very good and I love that game, is my favorite game right now, the boring part of this game is grind like crazy for unlock the new classes, repeat the same thing over and over and over for farm spark for unlock new nodes and advance to the new class is not my definition of fun on a game, thats why I dont play Dragon Nest, do the same thing too many times for advance i...(comment on Dododoro's Brief Overview of Skyforge)

    2015-04-26 02:44:11 #Skyforge

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