Blade and Soul
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Players might be familiar with such martial arts terms as palm wind, internal skill (neigong) and flying skill (qinggong) which are all available in Blade & Soul. In Blade & Soul, players will have a chance to feel the essence of martialism, chivalrousness and loyalty.
Blade and Soul

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  • Scion Storm Dragomon Hunter: Samurai Released - Like most classes that come into games. This one is completely over powered. But fun to use so if you're looking for something new to try go for it. ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­--------- Subscribe to me :)= http://full.sc/1zeOeU8 Watch Classic 2014 MMO Videos= http://full.sc/1kbplFT If you REALLY like the channel drop me a donation :)= http://full.sc/1zHHX56 Donation Goal= $335/$1000 ----------------------------------------­----...

    2016-02-12 02:18:49 #Dragomon Hunter (Dragon Slayer)

  • Zanpakutou The Asian fantasy atmosphere was abandoned the moment you left the tutorial zone and continues to exist in name only. It's the same problem that has plagued MMOs that claim to take on the epics of the Jinyong novels. They take a few of the more famous scenes, then throw out the idea completely for standard MMO stuff instead of taking on the more awesome aspects of it (clan wars and renegades are where the interesting things are at). It's like they took a Xianxia novel and ...(comment on Blade and Soul Review (NA Release Finally))

    2016-02-11 21:21:50 #Blade and Soul

  • Zanpakutou The reason why the MMO market is dying is because they are too focused on end game content and do not focus on how to get there. They do things like brag about 200 hours of content when 190 of that is grinding to the level cap and the last 10 can only be done once a week. If the grinding only gets worse, then that defeats the purpose of it. Level caps need to be about more than just grinding and a lot of games have forgotten that fact. The game had a lot of potential with...(comment on Blade and Soul Review (NA Release Finally))

    2016-02-11 21:16:42 #Blade and Soul

  • Zanpakutou Or they could just have regular drops without the need to lock items. Item locking is from a horrible P2W past that should be buried with random boxes.(comment on Blade and Soul Review (NA Release Finally))

    2016-02-11 21:13:12 #Blade and Soul

  • Zanpakutou The problem with PvE is that the players and the enemies operate by two different rule sets. The player operates by the more action oriented style while the enemies still operate by the old dice rolling damage system. If you make a PvP focused game, you need to balance it properly. If you fail to do so, the game itself is boring because all you see is players with crazy skills that you can't get yet and it is by no means fair because they have access to higher damaging com...(comment on Blade and Soul Review (NA Release Finally))

    2016-02-11 21:12:02 #Blade and Soul

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