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Revelation Online is a breathtaking MMO where you embark on amazing adventures, explore numerous PVP modes, enjoy multiple unique classes, and embolden yourself through countless character creation options. The first English Closed Beta is scheduled to begin in October.

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    • KradisZ Black Desert Online - Kamasylvia Part 2 The pretty forest - Black Desert Online recently added in Kamasylvia Part 2 to the NA/EU servers. Kamasylvia Part 1 was introduced about a month ago. It included a lot of high end areas that were very difficult at the time of its release. However Kamasylvia Part 2 was a great contrast of difference that appealed to all players. The new main city Grana itself is extremely beautiful and is most likely going to be a major hub for gatherings of communities guilds and players. The housing units for workers/pla...

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    • Nocht Revelation Online Zodiac Temples & New Class Mounts on CN Version - The Chinese version of Revelation Online has some new content including new mounts specific to each class, upcoming Zodiac Temple dungeons, and updates to the marriage system.The new challenging dungeon is the Zodiac Temples. There are 12 bosses in the dungeon representing all 12 zodiac signs: tiger, rabbit, horse, snake, dragon, rat, ox, dog, riister, pig, monkey, and sheep. This is only on the Chinese version so far and I would not expect to see it on the NA/EU version anytime soon....

      2017-11-22 01:49:21 #Revelation

    • claudiojoana so many fuzz about character creation,its good as it is, they should focus on improve other game systems, and hurry with launch.(comment on Updated Character Creation In Bless Online Japanese Open Beta)

      2017-11-21 09:16:05 #BLESS

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