Black Desert
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Black Desert is a large scale of sandbox MMORPG that provides you a variety of unique experiences with spectacular action and battle, strategy-oriented castle siege, sophisticated simulation contents such as trade, NPC-hiring and real-estate management. PearlAbyss is the developer of this game, which is founded by the original producer of Continent of the Ninth.
Black Desert

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  • chaose5 Social Job System Introduction - Social Job System Revelation Online introduces interesting social interaction contents, such as the social job system, Players can pick one of the 4 social jobs available, namely Butler, Maid, Chef or Dancer. A brief introduction on these social jobs will be present in this article. In short, social job is basically a secondary job system, which allow players to role play a job. After the social level of a player reaches lvl20 and the character level reaches lvl40, one can find the

    2014-12-21 05:56:47 #Revelation

  • Scion Storm Warframe: Storm Files S2/Ep.36 "Update 15.8 Taking the Battle to Hek" - A very busy week in Warframe. Unfortunately with my luck I ended up with a bad virus this week. Pretty much my voice is shut down for awhile. But the party isn't over just because I can't speak.We ended up getting Nova Prime this week. A nice looking frame until I realized she has bows on her head. And kinda looks like a Lolicon. Yea......um DE? She is a fun frame to use like the previous Nova. But I'll move along away from this. Because somehow I feel uncomfortable looking at her too ...

    2014-12-21 03:03:31 #Warframe

  • snx123a aaaaaaaaaassssssss

    2014-12-20 21:09:32 #Christmas 2014

  • ClarisNg Revelation Online guild system - Last week chaose5 announce that he and me going create Freedom guild for English community in Revelation Online, so i begin wonder what Revelation Online guild system going be like and i did some research and want to share about the system. In Revelation Online the current maximum of guild is lv 10, that can hold 150 player and craft 3 guild item in the same time. Reference from:http://wangyou.pcgames.com.cn/431/4317867_all.html

    2014-12-20 16:38:34 #Revelation

  • Scion Storm yes it does(comment on Black Desert: How to get good ping and video settings)

    2014-12-20 14:55:51 #Black Desert

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