Moonlight Blade
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Wuxia themed MMORPG Moonlight Blade was first revealed at Tencent Game Carnival 2012. The game features 8 different classes. Six classes are playable in the Non-wipe Closed Beta, they are Shenwei, Zhenwu, Tangmen, Taibai, Beggar gangs and Tianxiang.
Moonlight Blade

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  • Tony259 Ahh I see, I played Wildstar for the first 3-4 months and somehow never caught wind of it, though that may of been my own problem for not actually doing dungeons much (if any) until I actually hit 50 in the speed of things. Idealy this is here for those that obviously don't know about this mechanic, which is a surprisingly high number of players from what I've experienced and even read on the forums, I can only hope to some point that people that didn't know about MoOs ma...(comment on Wildstar - Your "Moment of Opportunity" (MoO))

    2015-10-08 11:12:37 #WildStar

  • ivsa EOS (Echo of Soul) "returning player" part 2 <end game> - -Now that i am finally lvl 60,lets see what end game has to offer.So far until lvl 60 game is tons of fun,it gives good pvp,good pve both solo and party one.You can go all the way to 60 alone,doing solo ones and getting good gear sets,and up to lvl 60 game is free,haven't run into any pay walls or any sort of game content that requires me to give in real money. -Now,once you reach 60 you will get tons of quests to do around main town of Ignea,one of wich will require you to do lvl 59 i...

    2015-10-08 09:01:06 #Echo of Soul

  • Scion Storm You can change and cut it on to be action combat.(comment on Revelations Online Another Look )

    2015-10-08 02:56:03 #Revelation

  • pinkyfifa Some News of Scolari - There comes to be more news about FIFA in the following steps. Ready to learn more game skills or just take a shortcut to buy ***** instead? Asian champion in 2008, Gamba were in the second stage of Japan when Guangzhou won the AFC Champions League in 2013. They were promoted before winning the J. League, League Cup and Emperor's Cup last year . Gamba unbeaten in their last eight games and reached the semifinals after downtime Koki Yonekura goal gave them a 3-2 aggregate win against th...

    2015-10-08 00:44:28 #FIFA Online

  • Scion Storm Wild Star Starting Over With Free2play+Links to get started - Wild Star Starting Over With Free2playNow that the game is free2play it's time to let the game play fly. I always thought this game was fun and interactive. One problem that caused it to stumble. Might be catering too much on the hard core side. Below are links that will help you get started in the game again.Wildstar Main Site= http://www.wildstar-online.com/Wildstar You Tube= https://www.youtube.com/WildStarOnlineWildstar Reddit= http://www.reddit.com/r/WildStarWildstar Facebook= htt...

    2015-10-07 18:54:23 #WildStar

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