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ELOA is an exciting fantasy & anime oriented free to play adventurous action game. Venture through a gorgeous wide open world of towns, fields, dungeons and raids. Experience exciting and thrilling action combat mechanics. Never be bored again with our class system which allows you to carry 3 different weapons at all time. Each with their own unique battle style and skills that you can constantly switch around during combat to tactically defeat enemies and ...

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  • haydengill How the Process of Making ISK Works In Eve Online MMORPG Game? - Eve online players require isk to make sure they can buy the ships and armors needed to get to the next levels in the game. There are a number of ways you can acquire Isk in Eve if you know the right tactics. Let's discover them in this post:Getting Eve's CurrencyAn Eve player requires to obtain isk irrespective of his factions. Isk is a type of currency required in the game that helps players to buy ship parts, ship repairs, and other skills that players need to pilot their ships corr...

    2015-11-25 04:32:48 #EVE Online

  • Scion Storm Skara Online PVP MMO Updated Look - Main SiteSkara recently has updated the game. This is a pvp oriented arena game. These games come and go to be honest. I hope this one sticks because we need a few PVP games to hit main stream. It looks good so far a few things appear unfair at times. A lot of the game is still not finished as well. Remember it's in testing, so it has a long way to go.

    2015-11-24 19:57:28 #Skara: The Blade Remains

  • sephirothdoug I have stoped play this game a long time ago, this game is a shame for the serie (comment on Diablo 2.4: New Cosmetics!)

    2015-11-24 16:32:06 #Diablo III

  • Mimiron Legion Wardrobe Preview - Transmogrifying items in Legion won't take up precious inventory space, instead a Wardrobe UI has been added to the game, which allows you to switch between different slots and transmogs on the go. You can create your own mog sets, like you do with gear and the Equipment Manager. Gear can be easily filtered and previewed even tabards have been added to the tab. Below, you'll find a video preview of the Transmogrification Wardrobe in action.

    2015-11-24 14:07:06 #World of Warcraft

  • Mimiron Towers of Doom Map Live Tomorrow! - With Haunted Mines being taken out of the map rotation, a new map is being added to the Nexus. It's called Towers of Doomand features exciting new mechanisms. This map has been tested on Public Test Realms until today, going live tomorrow. We've seen a lot of gameplay on Towers of Doom from all the BlizzCon footage; below you can find some gameplay tips and basic info, if you didn't get the chance to play it yet. Your core has 40 HP. Each team has a multiplier, shown on the bottom ri...

    2015-11-24 13:48:52 #Heroes of the Storm

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