Moonlight Blade
Class Introduction | Character Customization | Identity System | Global Roadshow Housing&Social System | Day&Night System | Combat System | Big Map
Wuxia themed MMORPG Moonlight Blade was first revealed at Tencent Game Carnival 2012. The game features 8 different classes. Six classes are playable in the Non-wipe Closed Beta, they are Shenwei, Zhenwu, Tangmen, Taibai, Beggar gangs and Tianxiang.
Moonlight Blade

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  • Allwynd Best MMORPG I've ever played. Totally worth the money.

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  • silumeo Character Creation Translation - → Disclaimer: This is NOT a 100% correct translation, just a few things I found out on my own while messing around making characters. I don’t claim to know Chinese, nor do I claim these to be the absolute correct translations. → Sources: Thanks to chaose5 for the class translations. The full-size complete set can be downloaded from here.

    2015-07-28 15:27:04 #Revelation

  • hamanda great

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