Black Desert
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Black Desert is a large scale of sandbox MMORPG that provides you a variety of unique experiences with spectacular action and battle, strategy-oriented castle siege, sophisticated simulation contents such as trade, NPC-hiring and real-estate management. PearlAbyss is the developer of this game, which is founded by the original producer of Continent of the Ninth.
Black Desert

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  • Nanbo Yeah, it took you all those frames and hours to come to the conclusion of the last paragraph you wrote. It took me just 1 frame. Didn't have any motivation to test another one. Mostly because I did not like how they functioned (the magnets, fire, teleporting, ice...) none of it came across as "cool armed warfare combat" gaming. Just "action smash n bash" and sadly, not even combo based.... The "X" frame that works good with "X" frame was a nice concept, but again, pushed p...(comment on Warframe: Storm Files S2/Ep.33 "A new look and going Limbo" )

    2014-11-28 09:06:51 #Warframe

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  • Scion Storm Warframe: Storm Files S2/Ep.34 "Update 15.5 Mesa Landing" - Update 15.5 is looking good so far. I just wanted to showcase some of the fun to be had in this patch. It's also the first time, I'm using Adobe with Warframe. So let me know what you think? As far as this patch 10+ new weapons a new frame. Loads of good stuff to keep us busy. So let's get to work?I don't have mesa yet. But as I do this article I'm working on it. So you will get to see her run wild next week. For now check out all the goodies, we have this time around for WarframeUpdat...

    2014-11-28 04:36:18 #Warframe

  • RimesD How to Get Your FIFA Coins in Game - Welcome to FIFA15-Coin.com. You can get the FIFA 15 coins within 5-10 minutes if you do as the following steps.Step 1: Login your FIFA AccountThe TRANSFERS in the picture: It is a trade market, and you can search all players auctions in it.The UNASSIGNED in the picture: It is like a bag, all the players you bought are in it and you can have 5 players in it at most.Step 2: Click TRANSFERS, buy the cheapest playerStep 3: Click the player you bought and list him on on Transfer Market, for...

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