Black Desert
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Black Desert is a large scale of sandbox MMORPG that provides you a variety of unique experiences with spectacular action and battle, strategy-oriented castle siege, sophisticated simulation contents such as trade, NPC-hiring and real-estate management. PearlAbyss is the developer of this game, which is founded by the original producer of Continent of the Ninth.
Black Desert

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  • Crazed1984 my reply wasn't in regard to Scion, it was in retard to Faeo, who said RU got it before us. My comment was never towards Scion at all. In fact, I already know he knows its a private server, hence why I only commented on this guy here, not on Scions post. Then, if I wanted to be more technical, I could tell this guy based on private servers RU did not get it before us, Atomix gave US a private server just never finished it. You know, if I wanted to be technical that is.(comment on Blade and Soul RU Beta: Pure Soul Ep.26 "Taking a look at the Russian English Patch" )

    2014-08-30 20:57:05 #Blade and Soul

  • Mimiron WoW: Warlords Weapon Enchants - Warlords of Draenor adds several new weapon enchants. Among them are cosmetic enchants under the name Illusions. Three of the new effects are weapon enchant transmogs, available to players who have Enchanter's Study building in their Garrison. In the current beta build the feature is bugged, but in the future it should offer lots of transmogs to your weapon enchants. Screenshots:

    2014-08-30 19:02:53 #World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria

  • Mimiron Diablo: Season 1 Now Live! - Diablo III's initial Season went live in all gameplay regions today. It's basically a way to keep people playing the same content all over again (boring right?). Nevertheless, to create a Seasonal hero, select your class, gender, and name as usual, then select the "Seasonal Hero" checkbox on the lower left of the screen.

    2014-08-30 17:54:29 #Diablo III

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    2014-08-30 07:12:45 #ArcheAge

  • GeorgeWashington ArcheAge Launch Schedule Revealed! - Revealed in the evening at PAX, Trion Worlds announced the launch schedule for the highly anticipated sandbox MMORPG ArcheAge. Detailed in their press release, they announced the Open Beta, Head Start, and Launch dates.Starting on Thursday, September 4th at 10:00AM PDT through Monday, September 8th, players will be able to participate in the open beta for ArcheAge. This Open Beta though, will be wiped heading into Head Start, which players can pay into by purchasing one of the founders...

    2014-08-30 06:04:27 #ArcheAge

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